Two tips for planning a wedding if your parents are paying

If your parents have agreed to cover the cost of booking your wedding reception venue, you and your other half should follow this advice.

1. Let your parents help select the venue

Many parents who offer to pay for the wedding venue will not insist that they have a say in which venue their child chooses However, most would like to be involved in this process and would appreciate being asked their opinion on this matter. After all, this is one of the biggest decisions that you will make when planning the wedding and will cost your parents quite a lot.

As such, whilst you and your future spouse should have the final say in where you choose to have the wedding reception, consider inviting your parents to be involved in the selection process and asking them to come along when you visit the venues that you like. This would be a great way to express your gratitude for their financial contribution.

Furthermore, the process of working together to pick a venue could be a wonderful opportunity for your other half to bond with your parents if they have not already had a chance to do so.

2. Do not pick a venue that is out of your parents' price range

When you see just how many spectacularly beautiful wedding reception venues there are, you might find yourself getting a bit carried away and overlooking the fees you would have to pay to book the one you like the most. Whilst you might think that you're far too conscientious and considerate a person to make this error, you might be surprised at how easy it can be to get swept up in the excitement of planning a reception in an amazing venue and to then find yourself ignoring the total cost.

However, it is vital to keep the figure your parents specified in mind when deciding where to host this event and to avoid even looking at venues that are too expensive. Even if your parents are quite well-off and you know they could easily afford a very costly venue, asking them to pay more than they originally agreed to would be ungracious, and might cause tension between you.

Conversely, if your parents are not wealthy and this gift is already going to put a bit of a strain on their finances, then asking for a more expensive venue would be inconsiderate and unfair. By only viewing venues that are within your parents' price range, you will be showing respect and appreciation for this wonderful gift that they are giving you.

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